Field Trips

The children go on field trips at least once a quarter.
Typical destinations include area  farms, libraries, museums, and cultural events.
Special attention is paid to teaching children
about the natural world.
Covesville Child
Development Center
Covesville Child Development Center
5527 Covesville Lane, PO Box 123, Covesville, Virginia 22931

Daily fun, field trips, and special occasions

Daily Activities

To support our developmental goals, our teachers design appealing, challenging, and age-appropriate
activities around weekly or bi-weekly themes. Children may choose daily from a variety of group and
individual activities, both indoor and outdoor.

We take care to modify activities according to each child's individual characteristics, so that children of all
ability levels may participate in learning.

Children play daily on our outdoor playground when the weather is good. In bad weather, children play
downstairs in the large hall.

A two-hour nap time is provided daily after lunch.